Saturday, January 05, 2008

Phantom of the Future, Phantom of the Past

Happy New Year to all!

In continuing with sketching up members of the Legion of Superheroes from before the new year, here's my latest, Phantom Girl, decked out in her 70's costume, including those great bell bottoms! I'm sure they'll be all the rage again in the 30th century, as you just can't keep a fashion statement like that down for long.

Hope to post more soon... along with some sketches in progress.


todd said...

ha ha!

rich--great commentary on the legion fashions of the 70's! the 2170's that is! did dave cockrum design that (those costumes) or was that mike grell? i think most of them were dave--i was crazy for that saturn girl bikini and i remember an incredible back-up story where mike nasser (netzer) drew both dreamgirl and princess projectra so stunningly that i couldn't sit down properly.
keep up with the great legion line-up!

Anonymous said...

Rich -
Cool Drawing!
Glad to see you post again.

Todd - You're just too funny.

rhombus said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they were all designed by Dave Cockrum. Ah yes, the hormones were kicking into high-gear with some of those stories, weren't they? Jim Sherman drew a few issues too that were just smokin'!! :)