Friday, January 25, 2008


In keeping with posting Grimm Tales, here's a drawing I did in prep for an adaptation for Gold-tree and Silver-tree that never came into fruition. (Still hopeful that someday it will though :) For those not familiar with the story, it has a lot of similarities to Snow White and Briar Rose as I recall, complete with the evil mother and some other story details. Here's a link to one version of the story...


Anonymous said...

Very nice drwaing.

Pretty cool story as well. Similarities to both "Snow White" AND "Sleeping Beauty".

Tobias Schwarz said...


Anonymous said...

Love the way you are capturing these fairytales females and the clean look of the finals.
Why is she calling on Cyttorak's Crimson Bands with her right hand?

rhombus said...

Haha! Guess it just goes to show you can take the artist off Dr. Strange, but you can't take the "Strange" out of the artist.

todd said...


these grimm pics are gorgeous!! love the mermaid--but then i've always been fairly partial to them : )
and thanks so much for showing the sketch to finish on the white bride piece--i love seeing how you design and construct--it's wonderful!