Sunday, May 01, 2011

Little Green Men

Finally getting around to posting this:

Shot from the Little Green Men show at Wootini gallery in Carrboro, NC. My mantids placed nicely between curator Andy Foltz's great epic pieces.  The opening was a great success, and much fun was had with most all of the contributors on hand, and a good many Red Storm employees past and present milling about. 

Bonus!  Good eats from some of the local food trucks that were out and about that night.  If I could only remenber the name of the truck serving Grilled Cheese with Guacomole sandwiches, I'd give 'em a plug. Instead, fond memories of a tasty snack/meal.

ohyeah, one more link:
High rez pics of the paintings at the gallery can be found here.  Click on the pics for tighter shots.

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