Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Another commission for Heroes Con.  Rebis.  Playing with hir dolls.

Copic markers and Tombow brushpens.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Commission to deliver at next week's Heroes Con.  Amethyst of Gemworld.  Watercolor and ink. 

Don't know this for fact, but I think that Amethyst was DC's attempt to attract young girls to start reading comics in the mid-80's.  Some great art by Ernie Colon on the series, especially when he inked himself.  One of those artists who captures so much energy in inking their own work.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Little Green Men

Finally getting around to posting this:

Shot from the Little Green Men show at Wootini gallery in Carrboro, NC. My mantids placed nicely between curator Andy Foltz's great epic pieces.  The opening was a great success, and much fun was had with most all of the contributors on hand, and a good many Red Storm employees past and present milling about. 

Bonus!  Good eats from some of the local food trucks that were out and about that night.  If I could only remenber the name of the truck serving Grilled Cheese with Guacomole sandwiches, I'd give 'em a plug. Instead, fond memories of a tasty snack/meal.

ohyeah, one more link:
High rez pics of the paintings at the gallery can be found here.  Click on the pics for tighter shots.