Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On the anniversary of a friend's passing

Somehow I missed the anniversary of Mike's passing today. Usually I'm pretty good at remembering dates of significant events, but it just didn't occur to me today. Even this morning when walking around the downtown Hillsborough area where we had our studio and created funny books for all those years- I was thinking of him, but it never dawned on me that today was THAT day.

Of course, since Mike was so beloved in the comics community, there are plenty of reminders out there today, and of course I stumbled across the news. I'm glad and grateful that he's still remembered so fondly, and for a second I worried that, like "how could I have possibly forgotten?" It doesn't mean that I miss my friend any less, I've decided, but rather that I just think more about his life than his death now, these two years later.

Miss ya, mang!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Her Visitor

Just a sketch that started to grow a narrative around it... Stuff I sometimes draw just to get warmed up take on a life of their own.