Thursday, December 18, 2008

Construction of a Dream

Long overdue posting time! Here's a few steps in the creation of a recently completed commission of Dream... Pencils, inks, color rough in photoshop and completed watercolor. I'll be honest, I'm still kind of partial to the rough I did digitally. Was fairly happy with the natural media look that I was able to get with some of the new brushes I've been trying out, and I didn't have to breathe any fumes while sealing it like with the finished painting. What do others think?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Richard.

I thank the digi-work seems a bit more on the morbid side, but honestly I had to zoom in to tell which was the water colour version.
Each is adequate, though it is amazing how much impact colour can have over mood.
As olde-fashioned as I generally prefer, I like the photoshop better.
Great stuff.

Jayr said...

Hi! I'd have to agree that the didgital version is my favorite, as well. There is something about the swirl of specs that creates a nice movement for the eye.

I just found your blog and love your drawing!

I've been drawing a lot with the wacom tablet and find myself pleasantly surprised by the line quality it can achieve. I think I'm in denial about the power of creating art digitally because I love looking at originals on a tactile surface. But for professional purposes, the editing ability of the computer is so superlative!

Great stuff! Glad to have found it!