Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Perhapanauts 2

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that Perhapanauts 2 came out a week or two ago, so if you haven't run out and picked up a copy, do so this week (if your local shoppe still has copies, that is..) I did a short back up story, but of course the real reason to buy is for the other-worldly goodness that Todd and Craig bring to the table EVERY MONTH!

Here's a look at both roughs and finishes of one of my pages. Different technique for me in laying out this page, as I worked up the gestural sketches right on the script, and put the pages together in photoshop before transferring them onto boards and inking them up.


todd said...

well, you already know that I think they're gorgeous!!!
thanks for the super-fantastic job--i'm getting lots of mail from readers saying that they enjoyed the romance you brought to the story. so much wonderful atmosphere.
thanks so much, man!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rich,
That story was really cool.
The artwork was outstanding.


renecarol said...

I really like seeing your take on the Perhapanauts' characters. And I'm glad Todd doesn't mind you sharing some artwork from the book on your blog.

Heywood Jablomie said...

this was a really nice job. i really enjoyed how the whole thing flowed together, and like todd said, the atmosphere was great.