Monday, March 10, 2008

Fairy Meadow

Recent watercolor of the "Fairy Meadow" at the Emerson Waldorf School that I painted over the last few sunny mornings after dropping the kids off. This scan was slightly before finish, when I went back in and put another pass on brightening up the color in the trees, and adding "deer droppings" to the foreground at my daughter's request.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rich-
That looks great even though it was scanned before finishing.
When I first saw the picture, it looked like a photo. It was after I clicked on it to enlarge it that I realised it was a watercolor.

"deer droppings"? too funny !

Rich Faber said...

Beautiful, Rich. You have a real talent for capturing nature's inherent beauty. Nice work!


Matt Wieringo said...

I thought it was a photo too! Reminded me of a place near the old homestead. You are multi-talented Rich. I'd love to see you do a painted comic.

Leslee said...

Wow, this is lovely. I hope you'll do more landscapes!