Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Strange 20 years

I realized the other day that this spring marks the 20th year anniversary of me landing my first professional comics gig, pencilling a story of one of my favorite characters, Dr. Strange. One of those moments that I'll always remember, painting the bedroom of the house my girlfriend (and future wife) was renting when the phone rang. Carl Potts was on the line, and wondering if I'd be interested in pencilling an 11 page fill-in featuring the good Doctor for an issue of Stange Tales. I tried to keep my cool, and sound professional in my response, but as soon as I was off the phone I couldn't contain my excitement and call friends to let them know I got this awesome gig.

So, in remembrance of that moment, here's a new rendition of the Doctor. It's been a strange 20 years.


Anonymous said...

Lovely drawing. Did you do the orbs of light on a separate layer as some type of blur? Gaussian?

Unknown said...

Actually, I think I used a motion blur on the spell fx, and then gave them an outer glow effect, and lowered the opacity a bit so that some of the integrity of the linework in his hands showed through.

Glad you liked the drawing!

Mark B said...

20 years sheesh you just little Richie Case from Jersey back then :)

Mark(I got him his first gig) Badger

Anonymous said...

I have been going through scott at moth trying to get a doc commission, but you could just sell me this one! And/or the Clea! They look great; keep up the fine fine work.-Sean