Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday of Doom

On the occassion of the 4th collection of Grant Morrison and my run on Doom Patrol being released, I thought it would be a good time to present some sketches I did years later while having a fit of nostalgia. After re-reading theses stories, I was reminded just how fun they were to illustrate, truly some of the most enjoyable stories of my career. Bizarre, yes, and truly funny at times.

I've often been asked how we came up with such strange material. I don't know about Grant, who came up with most of it, but for me it was just a lot of taking things that wouldn't normally go together, and finding a way to make them work together. I took a lot of cues from the surrealists, particuarly Max Ernst, whose collages were a prime example of this... telling stories with an image cobbled together from different elements that were never meant to belong. Somehow, they take on a life of their own from there. Good times...

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