Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doom Patrol 24- Cover Recreation

Recently completed revision of the cover I did for Doom Patrol #24, way back some 20 years ago.  The commission was for a piece with Red Jack and the DP, but I thought it would be fun to re-imagine the original cover as I would do it today.  Ink and watercolor on original DC cover stock from back in the day that I still had squirreled away.

This was the issue the Red Jack "marries" Rhea Jones, before almost murdering her with that knife you see there.  Coincidentally, it was the issue that was on the stands when I got married, and I still own the original of the splash where Red Jack declares that  "Today is my wedding day!"    While I still have the knife that served as the original reference for the story, I can safely say I've only used it for cutting vegetables and the like...

...and here's the original cover.


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Postmaster said...

Aside from the step up in the color rendering of the piece, the composition of the do-over is much better, more dramatic.