Thursday, June 02, 2011

Light Lass

Another commission for Heroes Con.  Light Lass from the Legion of Superheroes.  Will soon accompany the Phantom Girl from last year.  Like PG, I did the Cockrum designed outfit from the 70's that I grew up on,with the nod to her current design with the arrows in the boots, which I thought worked surprisingly well in creating a retro feel.  Watercolor and ink, with some photoshop touch-up. 

I've always thought that Light Lass wouldn't be all that effective in a fight, what with her powers to make things light as a daisy and all.  But she sure is cute! 


Matt Wieringo said...

That's a lovely piece, Rich! Great seeing you at the convention!

rhombus said...

Thanks Matt. As always, great to see you and Suzanne.