Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Doom Patrol-Who's Who!

Posting my latest DP piece got me all nostalgic to look over some of the old work, some of which I still have in its original state.  Thought that it would be interesting to post some of the old stuff while working on more new stuff so that this site didn't sit quite so empty this year like it did this past year.

So, this is the piece I did back in 1991 for Who's Who in the DCU #15.  This issue turned out to be the "Vertigo" issue of Who's Who, before there was a separate Vertigo imprint.  It featured characters from books like Sandman, Hellblazer, Shade the Changing Man, Swamp Thing, Animal Man and Doom Patrol, that went on later to become the core monthlies that at the time were branded as the "darker" mature titles at DC.  Within a year or two the Vertigo imprint was created.

Anyway, I finished this piece just before Heroes Con that year, and knowing that editor Michael Eury was going to attend, brought it along to give him to take back to New York with him.  As I handed it to him he thought about the idea of using it for the cover of the issue as well, and sure enough, it was the image that was used.

PS- Can anyone name all of the characters in this shot?


jlroberson said...

Sure. Cliff, The Chief, Crazy Jane(sigh), Joshua, Rebis, Dorothy Spinner, Rhea Jones. And I think that's a little Red Jack at the bottom. I can't recall what the clockfaced guys were called--were they priests of the Cult of the Unwritten Word?

rhombus said...

Good job, jlr. Good guess on the Red Jack, but he's not really there, and I believe you are right abut the clockfaced guys names... I'm afraid even I've forgotten by now. I'll have to re-check myself!

the brah with shirts said...

these pics are sick im following you keep it up