Saturday, August 08, 2009

Her Visitor

Just a sketch that started to grow a narrative around it... Stuff I sometimes draw just to get warmed up take on a life of their own.


Squeeze said...

HI Rich! I love this drawing. Really amazing. Hope you guys have had a good summer. Please stop to see us on your way to or from NY.

Matt and I have talked about getting back to Durham to see everyone. Hope to do that soon.

Squeeze said...


Love this piece. Very very nice. Hope you are well. Left a comment this morning here but guess it didn't take. Hope you are well.


rhombus said...

Whoops, sorry Suzanne. Just took me a while to okay it. Once I started getting spammed on these comments I decided to take the extra time to approve posts b4 they'd show.

Hope you guys are doing great. We've been having a good summer here. We'll definitely have to plan better for our Thanksgiving trip north than last year. I think it took us 4-5 hours just to get around DC last year. Horrible!

Kemple said...

This sort of looks like a Hopper painting, yet a little more ominous. Cool stuff as always, my mang!