Friday, May 22, 2009

More adventures of Cliff and Jane

Been forever since a new post, so I thought I'd add a more recent sketch I did of Cliff and Jane from Doom Patrol. Both partial inks and finals.

I've always loved looking at other artists partially inked drawings. They're a great insight into the process of creating an image. I've meant to scan more of my own, but often don't even think of it while part way through, and before I know it, I've finished inking it! Anyway, hope to be a better blogger again...


A. said...

Yay, more Cliff and Jane!

I love your stuff :3

Alicia said...

Thank you for this sketch - your work on Doom Patrol will always hold a very special place in my heart for realizing the scripts so well.

Always something I was wondering though - Crazy Jane's face shrunk over time and her eyes became more anime-cute. I was always disappointed by that - she was marvelous in her Sarah-plan-and-tall incarnation and making her more visually appealing seemed to undercut the story's themes of celebrating the power of freaks and broken people.
I wonder if this was artistic evolution on your part or if anyone specifically asked to make her more "appealing".

rhombus said...

Actually, that was more a style decision on my own part, as I began to exaggerate more and more in my personal style toward the cartoonier during my run on DP. Not only in the eyes, but in the way I would exaggerate other character's expressions and even backgrounds (esp where Danny the Street was involved.) My intent wasn't so much to make her cuter but more expressive. But, in the end, 'twas my own decision, and certainly I've heard a mix as to those who liked the earlier Jane (like yourself) and those who preferred the latter.

rhombus said...

Thanks for the comments though!