Friday, December 14, 2007

Duo Damsel

Nostalgia for old characters that I loved in my youth has brought me to some of the Legion of Superheroes from the 70s, along with the way out fashions they were famous for, mostly the work of Dave Cockrum.

I loved these stories as a kid, and the costumes seemed so modern, so NOW! at the time... Now of course, they serve as a great time capsule. But then, so does anything from a certain time period that hopes to envision the future. Who know? Maybe the kids really will dress like this in the 30th century.

Here, of course, is the Delightful Duo Damsel, gossiping with herself, probably about Bouncing Boy's weight or some such... you can fill in the gaps, yes, you.

The first of many I've got planned... we'll see how many come into fruition.


Maz said...

SeXXy... and I like how you worked in Death's curlique by the eye.
Was that SECOND nature, or purposeful?

rhombus said...

Chalk it up to second nature I guess... didn't pick up on it until you mentioned it Maz.

Anonymous said...

Another great piece of work.

It's always cool to look back at futuristic designs of the past.

I'll keep watching for the others you've got planned.