Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Conceptin' pt. 5

Two more, the common element in these being the crazy curves in the architecture. Thank goodness for shipping curves.

The Hydro Dam appeared in GRAW2, the airport/parking garage on the cutting room floor.


Anonymous said...

Don't really game much these days, but I dig your work.
Just started coming by since Todd mentioned you on perhapablog and gave the link a coupl'a days ago.

todd said...

i love these places!! i'm so intrigued and so wanting to just run around in them! both have so much aesthetic qualities that just draw the eye around the entire structure! what beautiful stuff!

thanks again for sharing these! can't wait to see more!

Rich Faber said...

Wow, Rich, these are even more incredible than the last ones! I love the angles that you're doing. Really breathtaking.


Matt Wieringo said...

That is some tight, tight pencil control. And some beautiful Photoshop work. Drooooool.