Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Conceptin' continued

More GRAW concepts... these ones were used for Downloadable Content. I'm pretty sure it changed in the final design, but note how the top portion of the second drawing resembles a certain iconic mouse...


todd said...



these are beautiful! i would love, love, love to get lost there.

i haven't played any games for years now--last platform i was hooked on was n64--but have longed for the escapist fun and total immersion that those rpg's brought. i've been thinking of getting the latest system (although that seems to change every 5 minutes) and get back in. but for money and the time.

sweet stuff--keep creating those beautifulk worlds...


rhombus said...

Heh, I know what you mean about getting lost in immersive worlds, as well as the addiction that accompanies such immersion. I've cut back quite a bit in my gameplay too, just because there's other things I'd rather get done (like sketchin' for fun!).

Still, fun for the occasional diversion!